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Winter brings an abundance of activities that let you enjoy nature’s beauty covered in snow. Most people think of skiing or ice-skating during this time. However, there’s another activity that is easy to learn and less strenuous on the body. Snowshoeing gives you an opportunity to explore the frozen landscapes in a safer, low-impact way. You’ll also get great health and fitness benefits.
Snowshoeing is as easy as walking. The snowshoes provide stability and secure-footing as you move over the snow. The poles also assist with balance. Choosing somewhat flat or lightly-sloped terrain and shorter trails helps make snowshoeing more leisurely. You can select longer and steeper trails if you want more of a strenuous workout.
A short drive away from Autumn Cove, Craters of the Moon National Park features a 1-mile Snowshoe Loop Trail that’s perfect for novices. They even provide guided Snowshoe Walks on Saturdays in January and February. No experience is necessary to join, but you do have to si…