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Summer and frozen drinks go hand in hand, but paying for those treats can add up quickly. Making your own frozen drinks at home is an easy and fun way to cool off while saving some cold, hard cash. So forget that trendy shop on the corner, and grab your blender! Blended coffee is a definite summertime treat. But it’s just as easy to make your own at home. The Pioneer Woman has a fantastic recipe that you can easily customize to your taste. Her recipe makes six servings, so you’ll want to adjust it depending on how many you’re serving. Planning ahead is key, since the most important ingredient is chilled, espresso or very strong brewed coffee. The stronger the coffee, the better, since you’ll be “watering it down” with lots of ice. The basic recipe includes milk, vanilla, and sweetened condensed milk or another sweetener like sugar or honey if you prefer. If you prefer creamier, richer blended coffee, you’ll want to throw in some half-and-half also. This recipe makes a fantastic frozen v…


The Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park is a fantastic place to hang out during the day. But the evenings are when it shows its wilder side! Whenever you attend, you’re sure to have a great time. On the first Friday of every month, make a trip to the Zoo for the First Friday Late Night. From 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., you can enjoy everything you love about the Zoo and then some. Admission is discounted for these special evenings as well. First Fridays aren’t the only nights where you can check out the Zoo after dark. Wines in the Wild and Zoo Brew are annual events that let you have a great time while supporting the Zoo’s fundraising efforts. Seniors 62 and over won’t want to miss Seniors Day on Monday, August 6th. Admission to this event is free for those over 62 and is sponsored by Lincoln Court. You’ll be able to experience up-close animal encounters and old-time music. There will be special entertainment and lunch options during the event as well. For more information on events and exhibi…