Housewarming Tips From Autumn Cove

red door yellow siding

We all want our homes to be warm and welcoming - a space that reflects our personalities and invites people to come on and stay a while - or at least make them want to. Autumn Cove, a manufactured housing community in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is a well-kept neighborhood for seniors over 55. Our residents take pride in ownership and keep their homes maintained and attractive. Our homes are quality built and affordable even on a senior budget, and we also feature great free and discounted events for residents.  A quick drive through the property will reveal the warm and friendly nature of our park.

We would like to offer some easy ways to warm up your entryway - inside and out - to create a space that welcomes and invites your guests to your home. Try a few and see how much more enjoyable your space will feel.

--Clean up, paint up, fix up. There is nothing welcoming about dirt or grime. DO a quick scrub down, paying special attention to corners and baseboards where dust and cobwebs may collect. Wash windows as well as door and window frames. Add a fresh coat of paint to trim work. Clean up any trash, clutter or unnecessary items that may appear unsightly.

--Seating. Whether inside or out, find a way to provide some seating. A nice bench just inside the front door makes a great place for a guest to wait for the person they are visiting. Hang a nice mirror or piece of artwork above it. Place a small area rug on the floor so your visitors (and you) won't have to be concerned with wet or dirty shoes.

wicker-furniture patioOn the porch, if space allows, set up a small table and a couple of chairs - clearance in the patio aisle this time of year. Place a weather-proof area rug below to create a more opulent feeling. Since it is fall, place a pot of marigolds or other freeze hardy flowers on the table or be creative and place a potted mum inside a hollowed out pumpkin 'planter' for a stunning centerpiece. Remove the tops and hollow out a few mini pumpkins. Insert a votive candle in the middle and place around the larger pumpkin for a warm glow. Provide a couple of weather resistant cushions to warm up the space and add some comfort.

--Lighting. Add some special effects lighting to make your space well, 'special.'  A string of white Christmas lights can be tucked behind an overhang or wired to the underside of a railing. A couple of battery operated lanterns place at staggered heights or hung with a bow between windows also calls out hospitality. Indoors, purchase an inexpensive aim-able up light or two and place on each side of door to create drama and warmth. You can do this outdoors as well, provided it is completely sheltered from the weather, so as to prevent electric shock. A cluster of candles placed on a tray or in a pretty glass container add a welcoming glow in or outside your entry.

welcome sign--Visual text. Whether a 'welcome' mat or a "love lives here' sign, it can convey an inviting sentiment and reveal the personality of the residents. These kinds of items can be found easily at discount home decorating stores, thrift stores, or event flea markets. Or take a stab at some handwriting yourself. No rules - you can write on virtually anything from a watering can to an old wooden bucket to a discarded fan blade. And you can use just about anything to create your saying - paint, markers, even chalk will work.

Try warming up your home with a few of these simple tips. It will be inviting and warm -even to you. And if you need a new place to call home, stop by Autumn Cove, we have great homes and spaces available - call (208) 522-3807 or visit online to see current availability.

If a family neighborhood is more fitting for you, check out Pinewood Estates, another great manufactured housing community in Idaho Falls. Pinewood Estates has newly refurbished homes for sale as well as available lots. Visit our site for more info about our special offers.