winter-prep-insulation.jpgAs our thoughts turn to fall and the end of the year, Autumn Cove’s staff is busy preparing the community to withstand colder temperatures without damage. A major part of this is to winterize all water lines before the beginning of October. To do so, we need residents to insure their heat tape is working properly and to insulate the pipes under their homes. Doing so will help prevent damage to the water lines caused by freezing temperatures. If your heat tape and/or pipe insulation is damaged or insufficient, you can purchase replacements at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Local plumbers also carry these items.

Autumn Cove also requires residents to assist with winterization of the community by notifying us immediately of water leaks underneath your home. Please check for these as soon as possible and notify us by email, voicemail, or a note placed in the mail slot. That way we can inspect the problem and take action before temperatures drop.

PLEASE BE AWARE: You must properly prepare your pipes and notify the office immediately of any leaks. If your pipes freeze due to your negligence in failing to do these things, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs, which is likely to total at least $5,000.00.

Autumn Cove wants to help you maintain your active lifestyle! If you have any service requests, you can submit them using the online Service Manager at and we’re always happy to hear from residents at 208-522-3807 or