With the colder temperatures, comes preparation for winter and time to celebrate with family and friends. If you have not checked to see that your heat tape is functioning correctly, here is a friendly reminder to do so. The best way to protect the waterline that runs into your home is to not let it freeze in the first place. In addition to making sure your heat tape is functioning correctly, allow a small amount of COLD water to run in your home which keeps the water flowing through the waterline, thus helping prevent the water from freezing. The City of Idaho Falls has some wonderful tips on preventing frozen waterlines and what to do if you have a partially frozen line in your home. Visit their website here to view a pamphlet that I found very informative.

Let’s all get together for PIE NIGHT Thursday, November 16th at 7:00 pm over at Perkins Bakery and Restaurant. RSVP to me (Amy DeWidt) via email or a quick call to the office so I can make sure Perkins sets up enough chairs for all of us. Also, mark your calendar for our annual CHRISTMAS DINNER PARTY coming up Thursday, December 14th at 6:30 pm. Wouldn’t it be fun to have everyone join for the evening for beautiful holiday entertainment and a delicious meal? Invitations will be delivered in the next few weeks.

I’m sure many of you have seen our new head groundskeeper, Jason. He hails to us from California and Oklahoma with a happy attitude. He fell in love with Idaho Falls when he visited family this past August for the Eclipse. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet him yet, you’ll get to at pie night for sure.

Please know that I enjoy the friendships formed with so many of you and look forward to getting to know new friends. Even though my office is over at Pinewood, my door is always open. I welcome your suggestions about our neighborhood and value the contribution you make to Autumn Cove!

Autumn Cove wants to help you maintain your active lifestyle! If you have any service requests, you can submit them using the online Service Manager at www.autumncoveMHC.com and we’re always happy to hear from residents at 208-522-3807 or Amy@thebostongroup.us.