Many of us have Christmas decorations that have been passed down to us or that we purchased when our kids were young. Because of that, decorating for the season brings wonderful memories and reminders of our traditions. But updating your Christmas d├ęcor can be fun as well. You don’t have to be a crafting expert or spend a bunch of money to change things up!

Painted letters are a fun and inexpensive way to bring Christmas into your home. You can pick up wood letters at any craft store and spell out “Joy” or “Santa”. The letters can stand alone on a mantle nestled among a garland. You can hot glue them to a painted wood plaque and hang it on the wall or a door. Use acrylic paint to paint your letters in traditional red and green. You can even use colorful, tightly-wrapped yarn if you don’t want to paint them.

Picking a different color scheme for your decorating can spice up the holidays as well. If your default is red and green, try another festive combination! Blue and silver or red and gold are popular. You can purchase plastic ornaments instead of glass to keep the cost down. Using bows and ribbon on the tree is another great way to change things up.

If you normally buy a flocked tree, go natural this year! Looking at artificial trees? They come in multiple colors now. Pink, blue, or even silver can be unique and fun! You can even stick to a table-top one as a conversation piece while keeping your traditional tree intact.

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