After a long winter being closed-up, our homes often feel stale and musty. But getting your home feeling fresh doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. There are several easy things you can do to make it feel more welcoming.
Getting fresh air circulating is one of the best ways to chase away odors. Open the windows and doors and turn the fans on circulate. You can use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to help, especially if those rooms don’t have windows. Even improving airflow in your rooms can help. Removing clutter and even re-positioning furniture are two ways to create movement in your rooms.
Investing in an air purifier is also a great solution for getting rid of lingering staleness in your home. There are many models of purifiers that are both powerful and inexpensive. Use a larger purifier for an open living and dining area. For smaller rooms, you can use a tabletop purifier. If you have a vacuum with a HEPA filter, make sure to change that out as well. You’ll be surprised at what you find on the filters that was making your air dirty and smelly.
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