Getting your garden into shape for spring involves a lot of hard work and dirt. But once you’ve got the garden ready, the fun begins. Deciding what to plant is a fun way to spend your spring.
The first step is to research plants that will perform well in your climate and are good for planting in the spring. Flowers such as lilacs and tulips are classics. If you prefer edible plants in your garden, leafy greens are a good bet.
Perennials are the best option for budget-conscious planters. They are also good for those who prefer lower maintenance. Perennials will return for a couple years. They’re also hardy enough to survive harsh winters. Annuals live up to their namesake: they have to be replaced every year. This means additional labor and cost.
Regardless of what you want to plant in your garden, your local garden center is your best friend. Make sure you get their advice to find the best plants for your climate and gardening style.
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