Summer brings lots of opportunities for entertaining, but why spend time in the kitchen? There are so many fantastic ways to bring a little extra to your summer classics. You definitely won’t be bored with these tips for livening up your picnic staples!
Some simple swaps can change the flavor of tried-and-true dishes. Using different seasonings like curry powder or chili powder spices things up in mayonnaise-based salads. Add some chopped, pickled jalapenos to your deviled eggs or potato salad for extra kick. Crumbled blue cheese and bottled buffalo sauce turns plain chicken salad into something addictive. You can even toss berries into your tuna salad or coleslaw for a unique dish.
A good way to experiment with different flavors is to take a stroll down the condiment aisle. Swap in wasabi or avocado mayo. Try German or French mustard instead of the plain yellow. Add some jam to your ham or turkey for a Monte Cristo-style sandwich. Different fruits provide a different flavor, so why not try mango or plum? You can even branch out to habanero-laced jelly if you like things spicy.
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