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Fixing Up Your Home For Spring – Some Tips From Autumn Cove

     Winter months can take a toll on your home’s exterior. Damage from an accumulation of Ice and snow can cause expansion and spreading of small cracks and crevices, leading to leaks and drips. Chipping and flaking paint can also result from icy build-up. Finding and fixing small cracks or loose boards is what makes all the difference between a well-maintained and worry-free appearance and the gradual decline of your home's condition. Manufactured homes are no exception. Walk around your home's exterior and take a good look at the general condition. Focus in on four main areas: the foundation or skirting, the or siding, all windows and doors, and the roof line. Beginning with the skirting, looking for any loose screws or unattached edges. Using construction adhesive or screws, reattach the panels firmly in place. Now move on to the siding and make sure there are no loose panels. If there are, fasten the panel in place using small screws or construction adhesive, as you did w

Autumn Cove Manufactured Housing Community

Autumn Cove is a lovely manufactured housing community in beautiful Idaho Falls, Idaho especially for those 55 and over. Our safe and well-kept neighborhood has attractive and affordable homes for sale, RV space rentals, and move-in ready lots for those who already own a manufactured home of their own. Call us at Autumn Cove for more information (208) 522-3807