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Seniors Can Be More Fit and Live Longer By Staying Active

Residents of Autumn Cove, a manufactured housing community for those age 55 and over, are living a great and independent lifestyle. Autumn Cove is located on the north side of Idaho Falls, Idaho and is close to malls, gyms, and the greenbelt. What do these places have in common and why are they important? Well, they are all great places to walk and to take part in a number of other physical activities and for seniors, the number one indicator of longevity is their activity level and flexibility. The Grand Teton Mall has a mall walkers club or you can walk on your own. Join those who have already discovered the convenience and comfort of mall walking! Two laps around the mall are equivalent to one mile. Security guards start unlocking the doors at 6:00am and the mall is open until 9pm Monday through Saturday. This is a fun way to get your daily exercise in while enjoying the sights and smells of the mall atmosphere. Not to mention that the temperature controlled environment makes it a