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Healthy Gardening Tips From Autumn Cove

Autumn Cove  is a manufactured housing community for the young at heart age 55 and over. Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho , Autumn Cove is a friendly neighborhood where seniors can enjoy their retirement years and maintain an independent lifestyle. Our homes are attractive and affordable and provide a comfortable place to go about your daily interests, including growing a flower or vegetable garden. If you are wanting to get really ambitious with a garden, Autumn Cove offers an area at the back of the property where there are raised garden beds for the residents to use. This offers an additional space to grow a larger amount of produce. Gardening in a raised bed makes the planting, weeding and other tasks easier - less bending, and kneeling is required. You may wish to amend the soil with fertilizers or compost to enrich and provide more nutrients. Consider companion plantings to maximize your results and minimize problems. For instance, planting carrots near onions and leeks is a good id