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Happy Huckleberry Hunting from Autumn Cove MHC

[caption id="attachment_252" align="alignnone" width="751"] A successful huckleberry hunt is just a short drive away...[/caption] As if the great lifestyle and fun year-round events aren't enough reason to live at Autumn Cove Manufactured Housing Community , we'll throw in the fact that huckleberry country is just a short drive away! Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho , Autumn Cove is just a couple hours drive from prime picking grounds for these delicious, tangy berries. Starting in late July through early August hundreds of nature lovers make their annual pilgrimage to their secret, if not sacred, huckleberry spots. Die-hard berry pickers have their own favorite spots where they return each and every year to harvest the little beauties, and most would rather take that information with them rather than share the location with others. It may take a dedicated picker a few hours just to fill a quart jar, and the last thing they want is competition. Many