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Whether you’re an old pro or a novice, the Joe Marmo/Wayne Lehto Ice Arena has everything you need to enjoy some time on your skates this winter. The Arena hosts classes for all levels of experience, including specialty classes in hockey and advanced figure-skating. It’s also open for public skate times, whether you want to show off your skills or just take a few leisurely laps around the rink. They even have a couple themed programs, in December: Skate with Santa and Laser Skate Night. Costs are low for admission and skate rental. You can even buy punch passes or an annual season pass at discounted rates. Please check with the facility to confirm before heading out, as the times and days are subject to change. For the public skating calendar and more information, go here. For more information about the arena and its events, visit their website here . Autumn Cove wants to help you maintain your active lifestyle! If you have any service requests, you can submit them using th


Looking for something unique to do outdoors with family and friends? You haven’t really explored the Idaho Falls area until you’ve done so on the back of a llama! Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas is a local business that rents specially bred and trained llamas. These llamas are experts at carrying people and their supplies on mountain adventures, the same way a horse or mule would. Before taking your llama out for a spin, you’ll need to attend an orientation. Wilderness Ridge will teach you everything you need to know about llamas including what to expect, what and how to feed them, and how to manage and lead them. If you’re not up for an adventure and just want to learn more about llamas, you can visit Wilderness Ridge’s llama ranch. You’ll get hands-on time with these beautiful creatures and learn a thing or two. Kids of all ages will love the experience! For more information, visit their website here . Autumn Cove wants to help you maintain your active lifestyle! If y