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Preparing Your Manufactured Home For Winter Months

Autumn Cove is a manufactured housing community for those age 55 or better who want to maintain an independent lifestyle. We featured quality homes for sale at prices affordable on a senior budget, and our neighborhood is friendly and located conveniently on the north side of Idaho Falls.  We want our residents to enjoy a safe and comfortable winter season and would like to offer some tips that will help keep your home cozy. While the weather is still reasonable, you will want to go under the skirting and make sure you have heat tapes in place on all the pipes below the home to prevent frozen and burst pipes. Check your insulation as well and install additional layers where needed. Make sure your skirting on your manufactured home is securely fastened to prevent moisture from getting under the house where it could mold and to keep animals out. You may also want to make certain your rain gutters are cleaned out so that ice won't build up - the weight of an ice filled gutter can p