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Autumn Cove - Great Senior Living

[caption id="attachment_261" align="alignnone" width="1137"] Welcome to Autumn Cove[/caption] Are you a senior who is about to retire, moving here from another area to be near family, or just downsizing from a large home? Or do you have older parents who are looking to make a change? It can be difficult and confusing when you are searching for a place where you think you can be happy and independent. We can help you make that decision. Autumn Cove is a small community where seniors who are able to remain independent can enjoy living in their own home, caring for small yards, and gardens if desired, and can live among neighbors who are living a similar lifestyle. Our quality homes are comfortable and affordable for the budget-conscious. Autumn Cove is a manufactured housing community , dedicated senior living for those age 55 and over.  Autumn Cove is located on the North side of Idaho Falls , Idaho, close to movie theaters, museums, art galleries, hospita