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Fun Activities For Grandparents to Do With Kids

[caption id="attachment_265" align="alignleft" width="425"] Autumn Cove is a great place to hang out with the grandkids! [/caption] Autumn Cove Manufactured Housing Community for seniors over age 55, is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho . Autumn Cove is not a retirement home or assisted living center - It's a comfortable and affordable neighborhood for those who would like to continue living an independent lifestyle. Our homes are quality-built and feature conservative yards with enough room to satisfy those with a green thumb, yet small enough to allow you to care for your own yard without overdoing it. And though the age restriction of 55 and over is for full time residents, we have no problem with your children or grand kids coming for a nice visit. And when those grand kids drop by, we have some suggestions of activities and outings you can do to keep everyone entertained and happy. To start with, here are some fun seasonal places to go: Boo At The