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Tea is a great addition to your diet, and spring is a perfect time to try out new flavors. There are so many varieties that you may wonder where to start. If you’re new to tea, head to a tea shop! You’ll be able to get expert advice based on your favorite flavors. You’ll also be able to taste multiple kinds of tea. All teas are derived from the same leaves. However, they vary based on how long they’re processed. They also vary based on the oxidation process. Nowadays you can get tea with fruit or flowers added, something spicy with a little milk, or even medicinal tea. White tea is low in caffeine and very light. It is often too weak for people who enjoy stronger tastes. But white tea is perfect when paired with fruit flavors. You just have to be careful to brew it at a lower temperature and for a shorter time. Green tea is really close to the natural plant, which is great for health benefits. However, it can result in a strong, grassy taste that many people don’t e


Spring cleaning has many of us running around our homes trying to get every nook and cranny clean. But many of us neglect one important spot: our closets. In addition to cleaning the physical space, it’s helpful to evaluate the items within to prepare them for use in the warmer months. Often, we let items that need to be dry-cleaned or repaired pile up. Round up those items and take them in. You’ll be glad to have them back on the shelf in a usable state. For clothes already on the shelf or hangers, inspect them. Do any need repair such as a torn hem or a missing button? Are there stains you haven’t been able to eliminate? Take these items to be repaired as soon as possible. Don’t forget to inspect shoes and bags as well. A local shoe hospital can clean and polish your shoes, eliminating scuffs and discoloration. You can also obtain shoe kits to do the job yourself. Before you throw out your favorite bag or shoes, take them to a local shoe hospital. Many times, these it