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Did you know that Idaho Falls has a fantastic place where seniors can interact, stay active, and get help with difficult tasks? The Idaho Falls Senior Citizens’ Community Center serves to keep seniors involved and active. Through activities and programs at the center, as well as outreach, the center meets many needs of the senior community. Looking for a game of pinochle or bridge? You’ll find it at the center. There’s a fitness area as well as fitness classes that are low impact and designed to help you safely stay fit. You can participate in hobbies like woodcarving and beading with other enthusiasts. There are also days where volunteer advisors and lawyers come to talk through your needs. Each weekday, the center serves nutritious, hot meals for seniors from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Their outreach program delivers the hot meals to homebound seniors and disabled adults, as well as cold meals for the weekend. For more information on the center, visit their website here . I