Idaho Falls is lucky to have a fantastic zoo in our backyard. The Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park puts on a variety of fun programs throughout the year for all ages. Its regular season ends on October 7th, so before it does, why not plan a trip to “talk” to the animals? Some of the zoo’s newest residents are experts at monkeying around, and they’re sure to bring a smile to your face.
Recently, the zoo welcomed two golden lion tamarins, their first pair. These monkeys are named for their bright orange mane. They might resemble the king of the jungle with their fur, but their size makes them unique. Weighing in at around one pound, these tiny flyers stand out amongst the lush green trees of their habitat. Nine-year-old Tam and four-year-old Madison made their debut on May 25th and are right at home now.
You won’t want to miss the zoo’s newest grey gibbon, Sahra. She was born January 23rd and is only the 18th grey gibbon in the US. She joins her sibling Sid, who recently turned one, and her parents Shannon and Sterling.
For more information on events and exhibits at the zoo, and to plan your visit, check out their website here.
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